Nonprofit and Public Management CenterUniversity of Michigan

Welcome to NPM

The Nonprofit and Public Management Center (NPM), located at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, is a learning community for interdisciplinary research and experiential learning about issues relevant to social sector management across a variety of mission-driven contexts, including nonprofit, governmental, philanthropic, and socially entrepreneurial organizations.

NPM supports faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, and cultivates partnerships with practitioner leaders in the field to facilitate robust dialogue and development of policy-relevant research inquiry. NPM seeks to seed innovative research collaborations and teaching approaches in order to advance relevant scholarship and thought leadership and to translate these ideas to practice.

NPM partners with the Center for Social Impact (CSI) at the Ross School of Business and the Center for Leadership of Community Benefit Organizations (LCBO) at the School of Social Work, and a broad group of faculty from across the university (see affiliated faculty).