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Board Fellowship Program

The Board Fellowship Program places qualified graduate students as Board Fellows on the governing boards of nonprofit organizations in Southeast Michigan.
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Nonprofit Partners

Domestic Corps

Domestic Corps provides Ross School of Business students high-level summer internships with nonprofits across the U.S.
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Nonprofit Partners

NPM Newsletter

The monthly newsletter lists events and other news of interest.
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Volunteer Opportunities

The University of Michigan provides a wide array of opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to become involved in nonprofit and public sector community work, in both service learning and volunteer capacities. The UM Community Assistance Directory contains a complete listing of state outreach programs and services based at the University, including:

The Global Citizenship Club at the Business School seeks to raise awareness and funds for national and local charities through leading philanthropic events on campus and nationwide. The Club encourages, recognizes, and facilitates Business School students' interest and participation in individual volunteer activities.

Net Impact is an international network of emerging business leaders committed to using the power of business to create a better world. The Michigan chapter at the Business School provides students with meaningful leadership opportunities and shows how businesses can positively impact society and the environment.

The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning is home to multiple community learning programs, including Academic Service Learning, America Reads Tutoring Corps, Michigan Community Service Corps, Michigan Neighborhood AmeriCorps Program, Project Community, and Project SERVE. The Center also houses the OCSL Press which produces the annual Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.

Project SERVE is a student-run unit at the University of Michigan that works to provide students with opportunities to address serious social issues through community service and social action. Student leadership teams and committees work together to plan and implement all the Project?s programs as well as to determine directions and priorities.

Project Community is one of the longest-running academically accredited service learning courses in the nation. Each year more than 600 students combine academic course work with meaningful service in the community. In addition to class work, students choose to serve in education, health, prison, or chemical dependency programs, or with specific populations such as women, elderly, or the developmentally disabled.